Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Week 1: January 1-4

Mamatography 2012
This marks the beginning of my year-long photo project. Each week I will post a compilation of one photo per day (at least) that represents part of my day and life. 


The Story: We are trying to model taking turns for our daughter but sometimes we forget and take things, like a spoon. Here's the conversation that ensued after my husband took the spoon from my daughter:
Please don't take my spoon, daddy.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't have taken your spoon. [Gives it back.] Can I have a turn?
No. I'm not all finished.
Ok. I'll wait. 
[My daughter eats 3 bites.] Here you go. Do you want a turn? Thank you for letting me borrow the spoon, daddy.
[Watching, I am overcome and have to say something.] I love you. 
I love my daddy. [Hugs her daddy.]
Melt my heart.........I teared up.


The Story: At first, babies don't seem to have tears when they cry. They come soon enough, though, to tug at those heartstrings. I was surprised today to see baby boy's first tear. Tiny thing that quickly came down into the crease of his eye....but I saw it.

The Story: This was technically taken on January 3 because it was past midnight. This is the "night light" that bathes us all while we sleep. This is how I see at night to look if my newborn son is latched well or is breathing. (Ha! Mamas--and daddies--you know what I'm talking about.) This is how I see well enough to not kill myself getting up to go to the bathroom without waking my kids or well enough to not cover myself in bright yellow breastmilk poop. This is what I stare at, bleary-eyed and dull-brained, burping or nursing my son in the night. Himalayan Salt Lamp. (Admittedly, to get benefits this should be closer to us, but it's one more plug and another thing on the bedside table...)

The Story: Cosleeping Is Safe! However, I must being honest; I realize this isn't the best example of safe cosleeping. [In my defense, I was awake and next to them watching.] Still, I loved looking at my sweet napping girl, exhausted from having been woken by baby every 15-30 minutes for 6 hours last night, and my baby boy's face finally in that peaceful sleepy state. I would rather remember this moment than the one last night when we were all worn out from waking.
The photo below is one of those pictures where my mind flashes ahead to my older self looking back on the moment, remarking on how young I am, how fresh motherhood is, how new my children are....Perhaps I'm proactively nostalgic? Whatever it is, this was a great moment. My daughter told her daddy that baby was getting milkies. Then she said, "I love you baby. I love you soooo much. Thank you for getting the milkies." Of course daddy and mama melted and we had to talk about how sometimes people love so much they cry.

P.S. I got the book Best Milk for my daughter. It's written from the perspective of an older sibling. I highly recommend it -- shows breastfeeding, cosleeping, pumping, babywearing and nursing in public. The book also mentions how babies can only eat "best milk," as the little girl pronounces it. I felt the book helped my daughter understand why baby needs milkies so much and normalized much of our lifestyle with baby and her.


  1. Oh Sheila, this is so sweet. I can feel the oxytocin pumping!!


  2. What a beautiful time for you all; what wonderful moments of the ticking clock you have shared with us. Thanks for that. :)