Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week 6: February 2-8

February 2  
The Story: I made a duck counting activity to go with the beautifully and simply illustrated Eric Carle book 10 Little Rubber Ducks, based on a true story of a rubber ducks that fell overboard and floated at sea till they landed on distant shores. I had her finger paint with blue and green to make a sea just like Eric Carle's, which I laminated. Then I made little ducks, numbered them and stuck on little velcro dots for them.

February 3  
The Story: All dressed up to go outside. Obviously her dad and I care a great deal about well put together and coordinated outfits.

February 4 
The Story: Making a robot....this is difficult to figure out how to do we decided....

February 5  
The Story: She decided to lotion herself up with guacamole. Until this moment, I forgot the days of baby-led solids when food was pure play...

February 6 
The Story: Someone decided finger painting time wasn't finished yet.

February 7 
The Story: My daughter is way into blankets. Any size piece of any cloth can be a blanket. With actual blankets, she lays them on the floor and spreads them out, flattening out every wrinkle. Pulling a corner here and then oh! Straightening the other side. Over and over. So it happens that having her help me set up the bean bin means a good number of minutes straightening out the blanket. Here she is, close to finished. 

 The Story: My first real walk with baby. 

February 8 
The Story: We made orange!

Mamatography 2012

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