Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week 7: February 9-15

February 9 
The Story: After the finger paint dried, I thought we'd try gluing. I thought it was interesting that she put them in a line, only liked the poms (not the puzzle pieces or the tissue paper), and  she ended up taking everything off because she wanted it back in the box.
February 10 

February 11 
The Story: Woke up, saw the book and decided to read alone for a bit.
The Story: Holding hands and "dancing."

February 12-13 
The Story: I "misplaced" the camera.

February 14 
The Story: My fellas loving each other up....

February 15 
The Story: Finally organized the bins, materials and space, so now folks are playing dress up! Something to do with all those scarves, hats, old remotes and more...

Mamatography 2012

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